Internet Addiction In Social Media

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The evolution of the Web has opened more opportunities and spaces for people to interact, socialize, promote their work, create, and share material online. The Internet has profoundly changed the human experience. Social media are popular infrastructures for communication, interaction, and information sharing on the Internet. Popular social networks such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook provide communication, storage and social applications for hundreds of millions of users. In term of educational development, social media has improve people skill and knowledge by providing them scenarios to form social media good for posting of recent knowledge in their field. However, many adolescent instead of using social media to facilitate acquisition of skills and knowledge,…show more content…
While social media can promote transfer of knowledge by forming a group on social media where issue relating to certain course of study can be discussed, many adolescent however rather prefer this sites for recreational purpose such social activities that will have less contribution to overall academic achievement. High level of internet use for entertainment purpose has various negative consequences ranging from development of internet addiction to general fall in academic performance. According to Idehen, Ojewumi and Olasupo, (2013) Social isolation is brought about by internet addiction which refers to internet dependence, technological addiction, problematic internet use and pathological computer use. Meanwhile Idehen, Ojewumi and Olasupo, (2013) further explain that the academic performance of the students is also impaired base on their excessive internet usage. They tend to spends more time on face book and other social network sites; the time they should have otherwise used productively in
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