Internet Advertising Literature Review

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Most of the individuals tangled in advertising field will express that there is no former dynamic and enthralling field to either practice or study. However, the promotion field is undergoing intense changes that are altering advertising and promotion forever. The changes are approaching from all sides may it be clients demanding improved outcomes from the money spent by them on advertising; lean but highly creative smaller ad agencies; sales promotion and direct-marketing firms, as well as interactive agencies, which want a larger share of the billions of dollars companies spend each year promoting their products and services; consumers who no longer respond to traditional forms of advertising; and new technologies that
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Consumers are able to collect and provide information by searching and navigating through the internet they can communicate with other consumers as well as product and service providers.

As stated by Brierley, 1995 “Advertising aims to deliver exposure and regularity via the mass media and add brand values to the product. It can be used to try and boost morale of the sales force, or to assist the sales assistant in their work.”

Internet advertising is screen based communication and as such potentially both complementary and competitive to traditional
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Traditional ads may only course for a short time, a search engine optimizes promotion and can deliver long-term results.
3. It is easier to assess the sales impact on the business through online advertising, whereas it can be difficult to assess the direct sales impact for business when an ad is placed on the newspaper or a magazine. By using internet it is easy to calculate ROI so that it can be possible to appreciate the value generated through online advertising.

4. In a busy market, a website is the most essential advertising tool a business can have rather than having word of mouth and leveraging personal relationships on loyal clients. An updated website with structured information helps to maintain a good brand image and its awareness and helps to improve the number of loyal customers and their interest towards the product.

5. For those business owners using traditional advertising methods it is shocking to know the extent to which an online marketing movement can target and assess the response from particular demographics and regions. The latest advertising methods such as social media sites targets those consumer demographic areas from which you expect a positive feedback for your

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