Internet And Electronic Devices

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Internet and electronic devices are playing more and more important roles in our daily life. Everyday, people are using Internet to communicate with each other. Internet shorten our distance and make our life become colorful and diverse. Infrastructure in the city probably are connected by the Internet. When we feel puzzle for some issues which we may not resolve by ourselves, usually, in common sense, we may open the browser and type looking for the answer of the question. However, in China, during the examination, there is a device called “unmanned aerial vehicles” for the Chinese official to prevent any radio signal around the whole area of the examination. In fact, no Internet or any electronic devices which can connect to the Internet can be used in most of the important examination (for example, college entrance examination or the final exam of a semester) around the world.

According to a survey on students mobile devices from grade 4 to grade 12 in United States, published by Pearson in 2013, students are keen on using electronic devices in their normal life. The survey mainly focus on the current usage, ownership, purchase intent, the way for elementary, middle and high school students currently use mobile devices on school work, and expectation to use them for school work. Unquestionably, students use these kinds of electronic devices for many school works which are some activities such as information searching, checking homework and finishing
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