Internet Banking Research Paper

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Analyze the adoption of internet banking in Maharashtra Joe Lopez1, Mahesh Kumar Shankar Kedar2

This study was conducted analyze the adoption of online banking in Maharashtra. The major difference lies in the convenience offered by online banking particularly when it comes to making payments, obtaining updated information of the account, or integration account statements. A 32 item questionnaire grouped in 7 variables was developed on the basis of literature review to examine the adopting the internet banking in Maharashtra. Data was collected from Five leading banks i.e. State Bank of India, Bank of India, ICICI bank, HDFC Bank, Union Bank. Eight variables i.e. technology, ease to use, web designs, security, speed, information
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58% think that traditional banking is best because they are less aware of the internet banking applications. Internet banking is a new technology which is an modern advancement and 79% people think that by using internet banking would increase the quality or output. 77% respondents think that interaction with internet banking does not require a lot of mental effort. 82% respondent’s think that online banking service allows customers to pay for goods and services over the Internet using funds directly from their bank accounts and internet banking is flexible to interact…show more content…
It was a questionnaire based study in which questionnaire was mainly based on two main variables of adoption and rejection variables along with eight sub variables of adoption. Different variables like technology, ease to use, web design, security, speed, information content, interaction with online banking, quick response . It is found that security is the main problem in online banking because there is a chance of being hacked and due to cyber theft and there is no privacy. Another factor is Speed, since some customers have problems in connection, page loading speed, login and logout time. Quick response and personal contact are also significant for establishing good relationship and gaining trust and loyal customers. This dimension also implies that internet banks should pay more attention to customer’s email, phone calls and personal contact face to face when problems occur. Banks should reply to customer’s email as soon as possible and provide proper information when customers need some advice. In transaction processing people usually start adopting with traditional banking application because they feel comfortable when they actually see the money change hands as compared to online banking wherein all the proof that they get about their transactions is the receipt provided to them by the site after completion of a certain transaction. A part from descriptive analysis, regression and correlation

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