Internet Censorship: Today's Influence On Our Society

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Although internet has been a main life essential for people all around the world in all kinds of fields such as communication, business, and entertainment, it has left a very bad influence on societies most of the times especially on innocent children. Therefore, governments took some action regarding that by limiting what an individual can say, think or see. This is known as internet censorship.” The first attempt to censor the Internet occurred in 1996, when President Bill Clinton signed the Communications Decency Act. The legislation attempted to restrict obscene materials and indecent speech, but was so broad and evasive that classic works of literature, educational sites, and health and medical information were banned as well.”(Driscoll).Yes censorship can be protective and helpful, but its over protectiveness may have some disadvantages on life supplements. Internet censorship has a really big role in protecting us in our daily lives. The main concern of parents in relation to Internet content is child pornography rather than any other forms of pornographic content. “At the end of 2004 it was estimated that there were more than 420 million pages of pornography on the Internet, and that number continues to grow daily.”…show more content…
The problem is that this internet can expose pornographic photos to innocent little children and therefore horrifyingly influencing their future. To take advantage of internet and get rid of its disadvantages, governments must censor wisely by putting limitations on what harms societies. Only because censorship can have both; positive and negative effects on our modern world. By doing so, people will live comfortably, freely expressing their feeling, easily getting the information they need without any problem, and protecting their children from pornographic
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