Internet Essay: How Technology Has Changed The World

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How technology has changed the world Nowadays, the Internet is growing quickly. Many people open Internet because it helps a lot of advantages for them. However, many people become victims after approaching the internet. In this essay, I will discuss the benefits and hazards of the internet. Many people trust that the internet has demolished the ability to interact face to face. One of the things that makes internet essential is that the internet is effortless understandable. It’s enough for you to access a term or expression to extend so much data about it. This brings time-saving for us, but also the action is short and not weaken for the individual. The internet has many benefits, one of these advantages of the Internet is communication. There is numerous space on the internet that helps us to communicate with each other, such as Snapchat, Twitter, E-mail, and others. All these facilities allow people to communicate with other people…show more content…
Also, when we think about the cost of other data sources, it becomes nearly unavoidable to use the internet because it’s so useful than other ways of communication. In contrary, the internet has many disadvantages. The internet has thousands of porn sites. This is the considerable threat to human life, mainly the youngsters. There have been numerous of people who became victims of pornographic websites on the internet. Also, the Internet gives viruses to your computer. When your computer connects to the internet it’s frequently the case that a virus strikes your computer. In addition, people take personal information on the internet. The case has often transpired in today’s world when people save personal information such as address, credit card numbers, etc., so many criminals will access the information. Therefore, beware of the internet because it has a lot of harm to

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