Internet Impact On English Language

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Is The Internet Transforming The English Language?

The internet has had a remarkable impact on everyday usage of language especially in recent years as a growing number of people sign up to social networking websites and become more attached to the technology surrounding them. The impact the internet has had is evident from new words being introduced as well as hybrid versions of languages being formed. For instance Hinglish is the result of combining the English and the Hindu language. This is due to the formation of a Global village aided by the global usage of the Internet. The term Global village refers to how members of a social group can be spread around the world yet be interconnected through various media. Due to the fact that English is the most common lingua franca on the Internet, users will make an attempt to incorporate certain words from English into their own language resulting in language borrowing which in turn results in a new hybrid language being formed. Therefore new dialects are formed. This gradual change can be observed in the youth of today who tend to be more technologically savvy than their parents.

According to a new BBC report, The latest print edition of the Collins English dictionary contains 50,000 newly-added words many of which originated or went viral through the Internet. This also impacts the colloquial aspect of English due to the fact that most language being used on the Internet is colloquial and therefore most new words being
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