Internet Impact On Interpersonal Relationships

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The impact of the Internet on the society has become one of the most prevalent topics in the contemporary world. Looking at the different aspects of mediated electronic communication, I decided to focus my essay on the impact of the Internet on interpersonal relationships. Firstly, the relevance of the topic is very close to my personal experience, as my family lives in the Eastern Europe and my immediate circle of friends is spread across Western Europe. Facing the challenge to support and maintain these relationships - I am experiencing all the downsides and promises of Internet mediated communication. The goal of the given paper is to analyze the impact of the Internet on the discussed issue by the use of several researches and statistic reports done on the topic of online relationships. With the development and spread of online communication technologies, the vast majority of the contemporary society is demonstrating a growing trend of going from offline to online relationships with friends, family and romantic partners. Hence, such tendency has raised multiple questions on the kind of nature the Internet imposes on interpersonal relationships of an individual. The claims of the impact of Internet are either seen as positive – facilitating healthy relationships, or as negative – harming and weakening existing relations among peers and family. The given paper will highlight and challenge the most notable impact issues regarding online relationships. Thus, the main
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