The Negative Impact Of Internet On Children

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We are currently living in the 'Net Generation', the internet being in the heart of it. The internet has become very widespread and available with almost one third of the World’s 6.8 billion people using it every day, amongst which includes school children as Well. Hence the internet is an essential part of the net generation's daily life. So it is no Surprise that the internet has such a huge influence on all of us, especially the younger Generation. Therefore, since the internet has such a revolutionary effect on all. It is Crucial to explore and dig out the impact it is having on us, especially the young children of today, for whom the internet is not a new technology but a daily necessity and…show more content…
As children spend more time on the internet, they spend less time in Physical activities. This lack of physical activities along with the continuous consumption of fast foods and junk foods, which seems to be growing trend these days, leads to the energy input to be greater than the energy output. Hence, this lethargic lifestyle associated with internet usage turns in to a prime risk factor for obesity. As the child is not able to engage in any physical activities due to being online all the time he does not get enough exercise to balance the carbohydrate taken in to his body. Eventually causing him to be obese which in turn makes him very vulnerable for coronary heart diseases such as cardiac arrest and strokes. Internet use also causes the repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel and eyestrain due to prolonged time spent on the internet. Furthermore, researches conducted by pediatricians to examine the impact of internet on children's obesity has proved that increased usage of internet led to increase in obesity cases. In addition to this, due to usage of internet some children has been seen to shorten their sleeping hours. They sit on their laptops way late in to the night playing games or just chatting with their friends. This, when continued for a long time eventually leads to insomnia. As proper sleep is essential for a good health, especially for children this condition becomes very harmful. It would affect the physical growth of the children, not to mention the effect this has on the mental health. In whole, internet has led to the school children of today to become lazier and addiction of it causing them to damage their physical
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