Internet Is More Harm Than The Internet

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The internet is helping people by making their lives to be more convenient, but this will cause some physical problems. For example, the proportion of people who get the short-sighted problem, over weighted problems increase distinctly after the internet was established.
So, the internet is harming us while it is helping us. because of the internet, our life become more convenient, but this lead us to sit in front of the computer for a long time, staring at the phone screen for a long time. Therefore, is the internet makes the world to be a better place or it brings the headache, short sighted, overweight to people. This is a big issue about the digital world.

The internet is the cause of lack communication among the teenager. Especially the face to face
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the online security is becoming more and more important. the government should put more power in online security to fight with the online crime.
Maybe the technology would bring us some trouble.
If the digital devices develop so quickly, the health problems will be a huge trouble to humans. Children may playing with their iPad instead of playing with toys, so that the eye problems would increase among the teenagers and children. Also, the digital technology may lead us to be lazier and lazier since our daily life could be satisfied with the internet, we might shop online and don’t go out for a month. we might choose watching online series instead of playing sports.
Some wars might happen online between countries and countries. The hackers might hack into the power station system and cause huge problems. And the attacking would happen before a computer. If everything could connect with the internet, it would be more dangerous for us to keep our secret and personal safety. The hacker could hack into your phone and find the location of you. They could control the traffic light or even the automated driving
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