Internet Mining Case Study

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1.1 Background
Today internet has made human life dependent on it. In almost everything, internet has been used. Number of websites and users are increasing gradually. With this noteworthy increase of existing data on the Internet and because of its fast and disordered growth, the World Wide data in the network and the varying and heterogeneous nature of the web, web searching has become a tricky procedure for the majority of the users as it makes users feel confused and at times lost in overloaded data that persevere to enlarge. E-business and web marketing are quickly developing and to predict the requirement of their customers is obvious particularly. As a result, guessing the users’ interests for improving the usability
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Web usage mining is a skillful and efficient way of extracting fruitful information (patterns of user accesses to a website) from the web logs. These robots can be distinguished and identified by analyzing web logs. Eradication of robots aids to reduce log data and discern genuine users and there access patterns.
1.3 Introduction to Web Usage Mining:
1.3.1 Web Usage Mining
Web Usage Mining(WUM) is the process of extracting user access or navigational patterns by applying data mining techniques to the Web log files [5]. It contains three main steps data preprocessing, pattern discovery and pattern analysis. Figure 1.1, shows the process of WUM. Figure 1.1 Process of Web Usage Mining Data Preprocessing: This is most important phase in Web usage mining process. The data from the log file cannot be used directly for mining process [6]. Therefore the content of the log file must be cleaned in the preprocessing step. The different tasks of preprocessing
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Later on, this will give a brief categorization of various approaches, which has been suggested over the last few years on identification and detection of Web robots from web log files.
Chapter-4 Proposed Work: After studying the different existing mechanism this identifies the System Preliminary. It gives a clear understanding the Algorithm with its steps. It will help the solution to provide better resolution of the current situations of security. This chapter also gives implementation plan and Testing Strategy of above security problems by suggesting an architectural solution. Here the implementation of proposed system is done. The implementation is working on which platform, what kind of theme and approach is followed is referred in this section.

Chapter-5 Result Analysis: Developing a solution is an approach proving mechanism but to prove its results is a complicated task because it measures each and every step of the solution and let it compare with the existing mechanisms. Either the proposed system, which we have implemented, is working properly or not will be discussed in this section. The results are going to be verified on the basis of the

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