Internet Service Providers: The Danger Of The Internet

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In modern day society, the internet has become the main source of information, communication, and entertainment across the world. It has revolutionized everything from the world economy, to global elections, to everyday life. People can buy or sell nearly anything on the internet, our President can communicate with millions in a few seconds, and the list of how the internet has affected our daily lives is endless. However, right now the internet as we know it is in danger. The Federal Communications Commission, the independent agency created to regulate communications by television, wire, satellite, and cable, is actively working to remove previous “net neutrality” laws (Missing, 1). These laws protect internet users, and without them Internet Service Providers will be able to stop or slow down the delivery of certain websites (Kang, 1). This repeal of the Obama Administration’s net neutrality laws will directly affect citizen’s freedom of speech, their ability to access information, and small businesses and entrepreneur’s capability to compete with big business. Coined by law professor Tim Wu, the term “net neutrality” has become a basic principle of the internet. Net neutrality is the idea that people should be provided with open networks, and given the right to communicate freely online. Just as phone companies shouldn’t decide who their clients can call, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) shouldn’t interfere with the content their client views or posts online. As

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