Influence Of Internet Pornography On Children

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Family as an agent of primary socialisation, it is necessary to bear the responsibility to educate children the knowledge of internet safety and the correct way of using internet. However, most of the parents are unable to do so which the technological development is flourishing, parents might not able to provide the updated and accurate information of online safety to their children, also, as we mentioned before, the emergence of smartphone increased the difficulty of parents monitoring children’s online activities, thus, teens and children would be probably exposed to dangers. Due to the less parental control and monitor, teens and children would more likely to ignore the risks on the internet, like the pornography and sexting which we discussed…show more content…
According to the law, the people under 18 year-old are not allowed to watch porn to prevent teens and children receive the wrong message from the porn video. Although most of the DVD stores or book stores are follow the law strictly, it is not the same in the internet. To confirm the age of accessor, usually the website would only ask one question which is “Are you over the age of 18?”, the accessor can press ‘Yes’ to get into the website though he/ she is aged under 18 years old. Therefore, the regulation of internet pornography is not enough to protect children and young people, and result in exposing teens to danger.

In our former discussion, there are many factors that potentially expose children and teens to risky behaviours and interactions. Though it is impossible to control how internet works, to preserve children, parents, schools and government can put more effort on the adolescents protection work to keep teens and children away from the online risky behaviours and
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pornography, sexting, cyberbullying and identity theft). The features of internet probably are the influential factors to do so. The high accessibility of internet would more likely to increase teens and children to expose to pornography and sexting. Especially after the emergence of smartphone, children and teens can get out of parents control which use their phone to send and receive sexually messages and photos through different communication applications, and watching pornography in their phone that parents hard to notice. The anonymity of internet is potentially raising the severity of cyberbullying cause the cyber aggressors are usually attack other behind the keyboard and they would feel more comfortable to bully people at home, usually the words they use on the internet would be harmful than face-to-face bullying which they do not know how harmful do the words they typed. Although the anonymity encouraged the cyberbullying happens, the bullying issue is already exist for a long time within school, it is obvious that school is the root of cyberbullying which school does not take action to solve the bullying problem, therefore, students would choose to bully others on the internet to relieve the dissatisfaction. As family is an important social agent to educate children, the parenting style that parents choose would potentially affects the amount of

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