Internet Subdiction Is A Diagious Problem Of Internet Addiction

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Internet addiction is becoming a very serious problem because of the how the world is becoming more advanced and relying on technology. This addiction is a new form since it isn 't the same as alcohol or drug addictions (Young 2009). But, internet addiction can have some of the similar effects that alcohol and drug addiction bring. This article stated that about one in eight Americas show at least one sign of problematic internet use (Young 2009). This article also cited researchers that have different diagnostic tests that could help with ruling out what is normal internet use to addictive internet usage. There are also research on the different type of internet addiction, which are called subtypes (Young 2009). With this being said, some people might not think they have an internet problem but in reality there is a possibility that it fits in a particular category of internet addiction. The purpose of this study was to rule out who has internet addiction and for the acceptance of the disorder to grow so treatment can be made possible. Most people don 't take this addiction seriously so some people feel ashamed of trying to get help (Young 2009). With this, the purpose of trying to increase acceptance will help with making people confess to their problem. The purpose can fall in with the hypothesis of the study which is that internet addiction is a disorder and should be known because of the different issues that arise from using the internet consistently. So far

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