Essay About Internet Addiction

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In the 21st century, thanks to the growth of technology, the Internet plays an important role in daily life. It provides people with entertainment; loads of information, however, easily makes users can be addictive. In China, ten million (13.7%) online users are internet addicts (Smith, 2008). In particular, Internet addiction is stated as an issue of people spends lots of time for Internet to play games or surf the Internet, especially the younger generation. Therefore, “Internet addiction makes big leagues” was written in The Daily Courier (2012) to show us Internet addiction is a serious problem for anyone. By using some evidence, the author wants to remind us that the harm of using the Internet outweighs the benefits. In my opinion, I…show more content…
For example, lack of real communication may result in the loss social skills and personal interaction, which plays an essential role in learning and working process. Furthermore, with my personal experiences, I regularly spend about five to six hours to study and relax by using the Internet. Then, my eyes often hurt from sitting for too long in front of computers and I become lazier to go out or play sports with my family and friends. However, I believe that the improvement of the personal’s awareness could reduce Internet obsessions. For instance, parents should limit the time their children use the Internet and encourage children to take part in outdoor activities. It helps them develop not only physically, but also mentally. Moreover, teenagers should try to enjoy social activities, such as charity work where they have to see and help other people 's needs (Coughlan, 2014). It also means that they will get some social experiences and help them change in attitudes. In addition, the community should broaden people’s knowledge and public awareness to tackle with Internet
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