Internet Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

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Enterprise Mobility As more and more people are switching to smart phones and tablets as these devices are getting affordable and advance in internet technology from 3g to 4g to 5g and so on. According to one data there are around approx 1.75 billion users around the world and it is expected to increase every year. (Refe : Among these smart phones and tablets users there around 132 million people use their smart phones for work and this number is expected to grow by nearly a third this year to 174 million.(refe: As these handheld devices have gathered popularity the users have started using the device as a measure to stay ahead of the competition, improve customer satisfaction and increase their productivity in the organization by staying connected with their team members and getting the work done on “Real Time” basis and improved customer satisfaction(both internal and external customers) not only this it is also helping them to streamline the process by engaging in activity like checking emails, viewing the presentations, replying to queries On their mobile devices. Some of the companies also have the policy that they can bring their device like laptops, tablets and smartphones at work. So, now personal devices have also access to the privileged company information
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