Internet Use And Internet Addiction

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Also, Wang and Wang (2013) affirmed that the use of internet excessively results into problematic internet use or internet addiction that has been identified as a mental health problem. Moreover, a person who is addicted to the internet usage displays specific characteristics such as constant thinking with the internet, need for an increasing amount of time spent in order to obtain similar satisfaction, inability to stop on its use; interferes with his / her life experiences and symptoms of withdrawal when internet is not being used. In the study conducted by Wang and Wang (2013), having a total of 1,642 as sample of members of online social communities who took part of the study, the findings indicate that social support and social interaction variables are linked to problematic internet use having a high correlation which means that people who participate in activities such as online social networks, are more likely to develop closeness with people who are also in the same online environment. Furthermore, it was found out that people who maintain social support virtually manifest the sign of having higher levels of problematic internet use. Farhadi et al. (2014) discussed that excessive internet use is the result why social support is reduced however, virtual contacts per se becomes more significant than the real one and the real friends are replaced by the virtual friends because of the opportunity that it offers (e.g., anonymity, lack of face to face interaction)
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