Internist Reflection Essay

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By the end of the 5th year and after 2 years of rotations, Internal medicine rotations were the ones that I enjoyed the most. I liked the way of teamwork and the process of thinking examination making a differential diagnosis and finally finding the right diagnosis and treating the patient accordingly. I felt here is where I want to work in the future.I also like reading and knowing more about the physiology and pathophysiology of the diseases and be updated with the new studies and treatments, and this is a crucial part of an internal medicine doctor job and important to do well and help the patients. I also find the prevention of disease of extreme importance as many of the leading causes of death can be prevented, as an internist I will be obliged to educate the patient about that and help them to avoid these disease in primary prevention and recurrence as a secondary prevention.…show more content…
We also had a very informative and up to date course giving us the latest ways of management and medications. I was astonished by how advanced is this field, interventional cardiology was the part that I really liked and witnessed the importance of how we have to act rapidly to improve the outcomes. I also felt the extreme importance of that since cardiovascular diseases come on the top of the list of the most common causes of death in our community and working hard in this field in treating and preventing these disease can have a huge impact on many
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