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The internship gives a real opportunity to have a outer sight of the corporate sector. It helps to understand how the real world of business functions and makes profits. It gives the practical knowledge in terms of experience and is closely related to academics wherein the latter provides the theoretical knowledge. It is no wrong in stating that both are inter-related. Being a student of MBA, internships provide a platform to enter in the corporate field and apply various applications and shine. It also helps one to furnish their skills and get huge exposure and understand the heat of being a part of corporate world.
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The domestic market is also making money at rapid phase in this sector. India is competing globally in customer satisfaction and focusing mainly on service. The expectations of the customers are being meet and the value chain is strengthened. This is the major cause of expansion of the product line for the manufactures for meeting dynamic demands of thee market. The automotive industry is at the center of India’s new global dynamic. In the coming years the expectations are set high that India can develop as a global hub for vehicle manufacturers and as an outsourcing center that offers the global automotive industry solution high up the automotive value chain.
In the recent past, automobile industry in India has accounted for a business volume of $45 billion and has the potential to grow much faster both through Indian as well as international manufacturers who have established huge facilities in the country.
India has the potential in both economic and population terms keeping in mind that it has the second largest and fastest growing population. India is considered the hub of international business where the effect it will have on auto industry in the years to come is huge. India have commenced to a good start, with well-developed components industry and achieved 1 million four wheeled vehicles production level a year and further 5 million two & three wheelers production level a
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i.e. above 92% of Respondents only some were unknown.
2. Which factor do you consider while buying Maruti Suzuki Commercial Vehicle?
Factors Price Mileage Maintenance Loading Capacity Brand Name Availability Local Dealers Goodwill All

Respondents 5 4 7 6 10 2 7 59 Percentage 5% 4% 7% 6% 10% 2% 7% 59%


Interpretation: According to the survey we came to know that 5% of the respondents have given preference to Price, 4 % respondents to Mileage, 7% respondents to Maintenance, 6% respondents to Loading Capacity, 10% respondents to Brand Name, 2% respondents Availability, 7% respondents to Local Dealers Goodwill and but majority respondents that is 59% respondents prefer all factors.

3. What do you feel about the service price of Maruti Suzuki Commercial Vehicle?
Very High High Fair/Moderate Low
Respondents 0 22 78 0
Percentage 0% 22% 78% 0%

Figure.3 Interpretation:
According to the survey we came to know that 78% respondents says that price of the Tata Commercial Vehicle is Fair/Moderate and 22% respondents says that

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