Internship Project Report

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Summer Internship Project Report



SIP project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the
PGDM Program
By Arpit Bishnoi
Roll No: - 2014336

Company Guide: Mrs. Daya Sagar Mr. Tanay Gogoi
Faculty Guide: Prof. S. Anant Ram

Institute Of Management Technology, Nagpur
Academic Year- 2014-16 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

It gives me immense pleasure to thank Institute Of Management Technology Nagpur for providing me with an opportunity to prepare this project report which helped me to get acquainted with an upcoming concept in the arena of Marketing. It has been an extremely enriching and a great learning
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Collection of the data is of primary importance the research process. Data which is collected for the purpose of research helps in proper analysis which is helpful to conduct research effectively. The data source, which is very important in the collection of data, is primary data & secondary data.

Both primary & secondary data are taken into consideration for the study

Primary Data: Primary data was collected through questionnaire method data was collected from the executives of HCL Services.

Secondary Data: Includes information from internet & also from articles & journals on Employer Branding

Questionnaire Design: A structured questionnaire was designed in accordance to the objective of the study. It consisted of 15 questions, which were a mix of qualitative & quantitative questions. Questions pertaining to the organization as well as individual’s view on the various aspects of employer branding were asked in order to get a complete picture of the scenario created by the organization for development of an worker.

For Secondary data:
A review was done of the already available data of the organizations through their portal, presentations & documents.

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They have to follow a set of rules & regulations led down by the management but still they have freedom to have fun at work. Proper induction programmes conducted so that the workers become aware about the organisation & about aspects like policies, vision, mission, organization. Also training of workers before they are engaged in work is given importance. This projects a good picture of organization on the new worker. Many recreation activities like celebrating festivals, recreation activities, get together etc are organized for the workers so that they can even enjoy apart from their hectic work schedule. Workers are given timely incentives, fair salary & appraisal based on their performance in order to reward their work & motivate them to continue working efficiently. All grievances/queries of the workers are solved out by the HR department. There is a good communication that takes place between the workers & HR department. So it can be concluded that along with attracting good workers, retaining them is also a task carried out well by the HR department of HCL

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