Internship Reflection

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Internship was a period of knowledge acquisition and for me. I could have much experience through the activities below: Period 1: From January 2, 2017 to February 17, 2017 On the first day, I was introduced to the Director, my supervisor and other employees in the office. Everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic to welcome me. After that, my superior gave me some construction documents to read. At the first time, everything seemed to be hard with me because there were many new words of Construction field that I never ever learn. I had to look up the meaning of many new words. The next days, my duty was managing databases. It was simple job but taking me 3 days to finish because there were many documents to deal with since September, 2016. I just needed to classify, arrange the drawings, letters, meeting minutes, and put them in their own folders. Then, I had to write the labels of each kind of documents for finding easily. From the second week to the fourth week, I did some odd-jobs: photocopying the drawings, letters, reports, typing documents, answering telephone calls, preparing for meeting, keeping office tidy and giving letters to the related people. Although these jobs did not require special skills, they helped me to adapt to the office routine. (I was off from January 21, 2017 to February 5, 2017 for Lunar New Year). Period 2: From February 20, 2017 to March 7, 2017 I spent a week on translating the old meeting Minutes, Specification from English into

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