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“The holly prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from where all systems and standards for quality can be downloaded directly, which are applicable everywhere; from daily life to the dynamically changing business environment”.
I dedicate this internship report to my teachers, especially Madam Aunbreen for their kind support, guidance for making this report possible and try to keep me motivated. And also dedicating this report to my parents, friends and Unilever company at kohat branch staff because of their encouragement, guidance and give me opportunity to work in their organization then I have been able to complete my this internship report.


It is an academic requirement for a student Preston university Kohat Campus,
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First of all I thanks to ALLAH that He gave me courage and ability to do this difficult task, person is not a perfect in all the contexts of his life, he has limited mind and thinking approaches. It is the guidance from almighty Allah that shows the man light in the darkness and person find his way in the light. Without his helping light, person is nothing but a helpless creation.
In this report, I has discussed about every major aspect of the company, which I observed during my internship. Along with it, the processes and procedures of the company have also been discussed in detail. The main purpose of internship is to learn by working in practical environment and to apply the knowledge acquired.
Secondly, I see that credit goes to my loving parents and my respected teachers who make me able to be at this position.
Finally, I thankful to all the staff members of Unilever Company at kohat branch especially the branch distributor Mr. Aziz-ul-Hassan who guided me in completion of the report.
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It is the third largest consumer goods company owning over 400 brands available in around 190 countries in the world. Unilever Pakistan Ltd., being a subsidiary of the Unilever in Pakistan has also become one of the leading multinational business firms in the world. Over the years the company has been growing by bringing world class innovative products to the people of Pakistan. More than 90% of country’s households use one or more of Unilever products like- Lux, Sunsilk, Surf-Excel, Vim, Dove, and Knorr etc. To make the brands more popular and to make the products more visible to the consumers, the Marketing department of Unilever, which is a core part of CD (Customer Development), has been working restlessly over the years. I was lucky enough to work such closely in this department and experience real life business issues and challenges which have really widen my knowledge and

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