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MAASTRICHT UNIVERSITY Internship report Marketing and Communications Department at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Margot Colen 1132717 Supervisor: Ms Lies de Regt Company supervisor: Ms Maartje Lieshout 12 June 2015 Contents Introduction 3 The organisation Maastricht University 4 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 5 Bachelor’s programmes 5 Master’s programmes 6 Research Institute for Arts and Social Sciences 6 Organisational Structure 7 Departments 8 Marketing Communications Office 9 Corporate culture 10 Hofstede 11 Individualism vs. Collectivism 11 Masculinity vs Femininity 11 Uncertainty avoidance, high vs low 11 Long-term vs. Short-term orientation 12 Activities 13 Student-4-a-day 13 School visit, speed dates and class day 13 Open Days 14 Experience Day, Matching Day 14 Produce PR material 15 Photo project scientific staff 15 Personal appointments 15 Research assignment 15 Competences 17 Personal competences 17 ES competences 17 Conclusion 20 Advise for prospective interns 20 Bibliography 21 Appendix 1 work schedule 22 Appendix 2 Management summary research report 23 Introduction I did my internship at the Marketing and Communications Office at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) at Maastricht University. I send out my CV to several companies and institutions. After being invited for an interview by three different organisations I decided that I wanted to do my internship here, at the Marketing and
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