Internship Report Of A Restaurant

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Internship Report
Restaurant Lin-Xiang, Geneva Switzerland

Name: Tan Mei Yee
Student ID: 54259
Intake: 3rd Year 2014

Table of Contents
Description of the Establishment 3
Job Description 4
Learning in SHMS 5
Interview 5
Teamwork 5
Reflective Journal 6
Time management 6
Operational level 6
Deliver work on time 6
Contributes and support my teams 6
Performs well when under pressure 7
Clearly expressions 7
Builds excellent relationships 7
Responsive on customer needs 8
Importance of languages and body languages 8
Training before starts internship or working 8

Description of the Establishment

Restaurant Li-Xiang is a Chinese restaurant in center of Geneva, Switzerland. It was established in 1997. The founder of the restaurant is a couple and still operated by them now. They are responsible on service department.
Our target customers are middle to upper classes. Somehow the restaurant also own lots of return guest. Due to the location of the restaurant, we do often entertain the foreign tourists who visit Geneva have their meal in Restaurant Lin-Xiang. The opening hours of the restaurant are from 11.45am to 2pm, 6.30 to 10pm. Our kitchen will close on time, but the services stopped depend on the time of customers leave.
Modern and light styles are the style of the restaurant. The owners used the traditional Chinese fresco, artificial flowers decorated the ambience of the restaurant. The fusion of the western and Chinese were shown in the restaurant.
I would define the

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