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Internship program is a method by which the students get an opportunity to experience the real work environment through indulgence into real corporate world where they can accomplish things and learn it by practically engaging in the work. The major objective of this internship is to acquaint myself with corporate world and involve in practical decisions and actions and observe the relevance of theories in practice as well as closely experience the organization realities. To this regard, I too got an opportunity to put myself into actual banking and acquired valuable experiences regarding banking operation. Companies offer students internships for a variety of both short and long-term reasons. Long-term, employers
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Application consultants from the fledgling practice of IBM India are one of the most mobile of its workforce – frequently globe-trotting to other IBM Geographies and benefitting from the nearly 3 decade old.
Linux Technology Center
Business transformation outsourcing
With the acquisition of Daksh in 2004, IBM now also has a formidable (BPO) service portfolio. Associates and analysts work out of the, Bangalore office in out-sourced business processes of IBM clients. The company has sent out more than 800 newly recruited employees in 2008 and the process is still going on. According to the stacks, IBM Daksh is on the top position in the BPO industry in India.
Now Concentrix technologies acquired IBM Daksh.
Business Analytics Center of Competency
In a move to focus on growing business analytics marketplace, IBM on November 9, 2009, has announced the creation of a new Business Analytics Centre of Competency in Bangalore, India. IBM's new business analytics centre is to offer global support and is expected to be staffed by over 200 consultants with advanced analytics

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