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I hereby declare that the internship report entitled “Internship report of Nepal Investment Bank Limited (Lagankhel branch)” submitted to Kathmandu College of Management is a record of a original work done by me in the form of partial fulfillment of the requirement of Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) program. This is my original work and the report has not formed the basis for the award of any degree, associate ship, fellowship or any other parallel titles.

Rubina Aryal
BBA 8th Semester
K.U. Reg. No: A013313-11

The internship opportunity I had with Nepal Investment Bank Limited (Lagankhel Branch) was a great chance for learning and professional development. I am also thankful
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Theoretical knowledge and academic concepts are referred for the preparation of this report. The duration of internship lasted for six weeks and during the course of internship I was able to learn how the actual corporate world works. This internship was a great opportunity for me to face real-life work scenarios. It is the highly significant course among the other courses studied during these four years of BBA program. This report has been prepared after the completion of the internship report. Report has been prepared by collecting the data and information from the NIBL’s website, employees and observation during the internship period.

1.2 Goals/objectives of Internship
Commercial banks play enormous role in directing the economic activities of a country. The purpose of internship is to give practical and professional knowledge about the banking sector. Before staring my internship I had set certain objectives which are as follows:

 To know the services being offered by NIBL bank and new schemes to be launched.
 To learn how to develop and maintain good interpersonal relation with
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This internship was a great opportunity for intern to face real-life work scenarios after three years in the classroom and I must say that it was a great learning experience for me. Some of the skills and knowledge assimilated during this time as an intern at Nepal Investment Bank Limited could be summarized as follows:
• Learn overall activities and operations of CSD and marketing department as well as their role in overall functioning of a bank.
• Learn the significance of time management and necessity of the communication skills.
• Learn the culture of bank.
• Learn to use various office equipment like photocopy machine, printer etc.
• Learn the importance of inter-personal communication skills in professional life.
• Learn to deal with various type of customers and maintain good and friendly relationship with customers while working in marketing department.
• Learn to use theoretical knowledge into practical working environment.
• Learn the procedures of filing and indexing of different document.
• Learn how to attract a customer and to retain them.
• Learn the activities related in issuing cheque, issuing ATM cards, phone handling, calling existing customer to update KYC

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