Interpersonal Communication: Anthony And The Movie Crash

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Interpersonal Communication: Anthony and the movie Crash
Interpersonal communication is the exchange of information between two or more people. The movie, Crash, is set in Los Angeles featuring characters from widely diverse cultural backgrounds. The movie focused on the characters having views that differed from those around them. Most of the characters seem to struggle with being other-oriented and lacking effective communication to get a point across. Anthony, an African-American, is a carjacker that robs Jean and Rick Cabot (district attorney).
Worldview is having a specific idea of something because of life experience or culture. Anthony had a specific idea that African-Americans are viewed as inferior. He believes large windows on buses are meant to humiliate people of color. I think he sees himself as a thug and will always be seen as such, no matter what he might do. His worldview changes at the end of the movie; when he sees that a man like Cameron, who has the power to stand up to police officers, something clicks in his head. He makes a life-changing decision to save a group of immigrants that were being trafficked. His entire worldview changed granting him the ability to become a more open-minded person, having a positive outcome.
Stereotyping is having a specific idea about a group of people, while
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Anthony was very good at communicating his opinion to his friend, Peter. He always did the talking, telling Peter how it was and demonstrated dominance. Through verbal communication, he influences Peter. In the movie, Anthony and Peter were walking on the sidewalk and they saw a couple Jean and Rick Cabot. He saw how prejudiced Jean was, grabbing the arm of Rick for safety and he felt they shouldn't be treated that way. Although he is better at communicating with his friend, he lacks being other-oriented to those of a different race and it affects his communication
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