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This week’s assignment we were asked to choose between three sections of the book. I have chosen to write on the importance of Interpersonal Communication. I have had many years working and have found this topic to be of great importance in any relationship. We need to be able to listen and communicate clearly with others in order to maintain a progressing work environment; as well as, relationships of any kind. We need to understand that communication can be broken down into three basic concepts and by knowing what these are and how they affect how we understand each other. “Communication breakdowns can be avoided by understanding 3 basic concepts: 1. The organization is a network of communication. 2. The network is governed…show more content…
In my life I have had many different types of jobs that have taught me how to deal with things that are very stressful; however, I have learned to handle these different situations with a great deal of communication. When we were foster parents we had to learn to communicate with the child, the parents, the caseworker, the therapist, the judge and sometimes the police. We had to be clear and direct in our communication so there would be no misunderstanding by any party. This was something we had to learn. Many children have had to learn survival skills in their young lives. Lying and stealing, in some cases, were how the child survived. We then had to be able to communicate very clearly the expectations we had for them and allow them the opportunity to learn. In summary I have learned throughout my life the importance of communication. Being able to have clear communication allowing others to understand you and what you expect from them; as well as, what they expect from you. We need to learn how to have a clear line of communication with everyone we encounter in our lives whether this is home, work or just the public in

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