Interpersonal Communication Diary

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On 12-14-2015 (Monday) at approximately 1730 hours I Officer Hildebrand and Sgt. Joseph Harris were dispatched to 421 S 5th St. for report of a minor being intoxicated. I arrived shortly after. I spoke with the minor 's ( Zachary Kreiger) mother Kim Blakeley. Kim stated the her son skipped school after 4th period to go hang with some others. Kim stated that Zachary admitted to smoking Marijuana and drinking alcohol. Kim stated that she could smell it on him when he finally came home. Kim stated that Zachary is on Juvenile Probation for drugs. I spoke with Zachary. Zachary stated the following. Zachary stated that he skipped the rest of school after fourth period cause he felt depressed. He went to a buddies house and started playing NBA video

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