Interpersonal Conflict: An Definition Of Conflict?

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i. // DEFINITION OF CONFLICT // What exactly is conflict? We might often find ourselves being confused to stumble upon questions like these. Conflict has various meanings, according to Google, conflict comes in both noun and verb forms. As a noun, conflict means a serious disagreement, typically a one that lasts for quite a long period of time. However, as a verb, conflict means being incompatible, at variance and also, clash. People often use the word ‘conflict’ to describe a process. According to Wikipedia, Conflict refers to some form of friction, or discord arising when the beliefs or actions of one individual is either resisted by or unacceptable by other individuals. In addition, Michael Nicholson, an English journalist defines it…show more content…
It normally occurs due to how each individual is different from one another and fail to share the same goals, mission and views. Each and every individual has different personalities which always results to them having choices and opinions that are hardly compatible. Interpersonal conflict can be generally grouped into 3 categories; policy conflicts, value conflicts and ego conflicts. POLICY CONFLICTS Policy conflicts are disagreements on how a situation should be dealt with that will eventually affect both individuals. Policy conflicts normally always have a winner and a loser. According to Pearson’s "Interpersonal Communication Book," it is definitely more effective to find a win-win solution, a solution that satisfies both individuals in the party. To do so, normally both individuals have to move a step back and compromise on matters that are less important for the bigger picture, to achieve their final goal. As an example, you may have an idea in your head about the best way a presentation should be completed in class while your other group mates may also have an idea on how it should be done. To simply resolve this, both individuals can discuss with other group mates on the pro and cons of both ideas and choose the best idea among…show more content…
A person’s mind is where the experience will take place. Thus, it is a type of conflict that involves an individual’s thoughts, principles, values and emotions psychologically. Conflict will arise when any kind of decisions needs to me made, be it unimportant or not. Intrapersonal conflict comes in different scales, from simple and basic ones like deciding what to have for breakfast to major life changing decisions such as choosing which course to study. Every time a decision needs to be made, ‘should’ and ‘want’ will weigh on us accordingly, based on how we

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