Interpersonal Conflict In My Family

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Aneisa and I are cousins. We did many great things together, for example; sleepovers and going to the mall. As we got older she suddenly stopped talking to me. I was puzzled by this as I was not aware of her reason. Obviously, I was troubled by this, so I tried to start conversations with her numerous times, but never succeeded. She distanced herself from me, staying away or going around me. On occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, I was ignored. Nevertheless, I kept on trying to figure out the problem every time we met, yet she did not engage in conversation with me. This became noticeable to other family members, but no one intervened. My mother tried talking to us, however, based off of Aneisa’s reaction it did not seem like she wanted…show more content…
This alliance may be built on reasoning, love, mutual agreement and support. Devereaux Ferguson and Jenepher Lennox Terrion (2014) claims that, “Disagreements and disputes between and among people are natural and inevitable, and our most frequent conflicts occur with the people who matter most to us” (p. 256). As a result, I classify the conflict that I am condoning with my cousin as an interpersonal conflict. Pursuing this further, the conflict also aligns with Loraleigh Keashly and William C. Warters (1996) idea of the term, interpersonal conflict. They portrayed interpersonal conflict in a way that “the perceived needs and desires of two or more people or groups of people within a society appear to be incompatible and are believed to be in danger of being thwarted” (p. 60). In the light of my chosen conflict, it is easy to see that the interpersonal relationship I shared with my cousin became negative and therefore, provided a limitation to what was once a meaningful…show more content…
We are eight years apart, hence, a lot of the times we would acted more like sisters rather than cousins. However, as she became an adolescent, I noticed many little but drastic changes. For example, she did not want to hang out anymore. These changes initiated a conflict, which Aneisa and I are primary parties of. Perhaps, at that point in time, I am not sure if she thought there was changes in my behaviors, which made her think that the age difference will place pressure on our relationship. After all, our age gap could be contributing to our differing field of experience. Ferguson and Terrion (2014) argues that, “We communicate with each other to the extent that we have overlapping fields of experience” (p. 10). In addition, my father was also a secondary party of the conflict. He was not pleased with how I was handling the conflict, despite it being a relationship that meant a lot to me. Despite being my dad, he was also Aneisa’s uncle, which meant he played a huge role in her life as

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