Interpersonal Conflict In Nursing Essay

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Conflict is a daily phenomenon in nursing. It is defined as an internal or external struggle between two or more individuals who do not have mutual ideologies, values or feelings (Sullivan, 2012). Arguments in clinical settings are common, and emerge due to misunderstanding and assumptions (Yadav, Lim, Hashim & Saad, 2011). This happens when at least two people contributing to the same work activities but have different objective to complete (Yadav, Lim, Hashim & Saad, 2011). Conflict is a multilevel abstract that can be classified into three categories, which are intrapersonal, interpersonal and intergroup (Clark, 2009) The conflict that i will be I will be talking about falls under interpersonal conflict as it involves two people with differing opinions and priority (Rigolos, 2005) During clinical, there…show more content…
In a win-win situation, one must firstly put down their pride and focus on the issue at hand instead of blaming others. Secondly, once the incident is over, we must learn how to let go of our emotions and look at the problem objectively. We should not dwell in our emotions as it could affect professionalism (ref). Thirdly, exploring needs of others can be based off the conflict theory- The Human Needs Theory of Conflict (Clark,2009). Factors such as a sense of belonging in a group, self-esteem and attaining their goals are fundamental human needs. It is important to understand that everyone has different needs (Shakiba,2015). Lastly, it is to solve collaboratively by sitting down and talking about the problem together. Using phrases that start with ‘I’ as it identifies the other person 's needs and it does not push the blame to them. Overlapping problems are inevitable, hence these 4 steps will allow individuals to come together to find a common need that can be met by both parties
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