Interpersonal Conflict In Schools

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1.1 Background of the problem
Conflict is the misunderstanding among two or more individuals and can affect the relation and experiences of people as social entity during their interaction between themselves (Gray 1986).According to(Eren, 1984) Conflict may range from ordinary personal differences to violence that may end up with war. Conflicts are events which occur because of the problems facing individual or groups including difficulty in working together, leading things to stand still or chaos. Therefore, conflict may contribute to separation, disunity, indiscipline, disorganization, irrespective, irresponsibility and acts as a barrier among individual whether in a group or personally to cooperate and enhance improper
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This tends to related to disagreements that come from personality clashes or emotional interactions among team members If the conflict occur with the person especially when one is frustrated with his or her goals, this termed as intrapersonal conflict (Neal, 2003).
Effects of conflicts in schools
According to (Omboko,210) conflict in school have large impacts to teaching and learning process. It may reduce strengths and resources such as social support and integration among teachers and all those involved in education which ultimately increase problems in schools among students and teachers.
It threaten school functioning and trigger a chain of other educational and social problems which includes abuse office,disagreement,hostility and violent fights which may have negative impact on the successful running school particularly teaching and learning.
According to (Caravan and Monahan, 2001) conflict may result into blockage to school development.This lead to poorly performance of the students and failure to achieve educational goals. Also if conflict is not managed properly it could lead to dysfunctions and disaster in schools which result to low moral behavior and decreases in school academic
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This helps to address quick conflicts which erupt in school ( ERE Education org)
Training of teachers on how to learn students emotions such as anger,frustrations,fear and confusion. This helps the teachers to identify the approaches of various students problems including keeping learners busy with productive activities including engaging them in sport and games during leisure time (ESR,1999)
Emphasized about often conducting class meeting, schools baraza.This provide a chance for the learners to address their problems to school admistration,hence get reliefs psychological. This also assist the administration to be aware of students problems, identify the sign of conflict early, get understanding some mistakes which is made by teachers which may rise conflict for the coming days. Therefore the schools administration provides the solution and alternatives for various cases addressed by the students.(Janes and Compton

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