Personal Reflective Essay: Interpersonal Conflict

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This report is going to discuss an interpersonal conflict I encountered. In this paper, there is a brief description of the conflict followed by an analysis on the causes and reflections.

Conflict description
The conflict took place in the school general office when I was submitting a document. When the office called to remind me that a document was needed. So I went straight to them to finish the business right away when I arrived at school. The affair should have been finished for a long time so I was desperate to end it. Yet the staff refused to collect my paper. He said they would not accept it unless another document was tagged. I asked what document it was and that they did not mention it in the phone calls. He replied, “account.” I
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I favored myself given this situation. Focused on how many times I handed in the form, I omitted the fact that it was my responsibility and how insignificant the task was. I attached too much importance to myself.

Style of handling conflict
According to Rahim (1990), there are five styles of handling conflict. The one I adopted was dominating. I cared for my need to finish the business and showed little consideration for the staff. As I have mentioned many times that I wanted to finish my part, I overlooked the need of the staff. He could not change the rules for me just because of the lasting unfinished matter or my wish to finish it. Lack of consideration in his role, I requested an impossible demand which might lead to hard feelings of him.

Self-reflections on communication skills
It is inescapable to have interpersonal conflict in any relationships and situations. (Solomon&Theiss, 2013) Yet, we should be able to handle conflicts with skills. Regarding the conflict I encountered, there are some communication skills I should have known and

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