Interpersonal Conflict: The Concept Of Conflict In The Workplace

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The Concept of Conflict: Conflict is defined as ‘an incompatibility of goals or values between two or more parties in a relationship combined with attempts to control each other and antagonistic feelings toward each other’ (Fisher, 1990) Conflict can be described as a contest or struggle between two or more people with different ideas, beliefs, values, needs or goals. Conflict can lead to non-productive results if it takes place in the work place and it can have effect on the staff as they may not work to their best availability. Learning to manage and deal with conflict is of great importance when managing a business. Conflict in the work place can occur of a number of reasons, the most common one is when there is a misunderstanding and a…show more content…
Interpersonal Conflict: This is when conflict occurs between two or more people based on different goals or different beliefs. It can also occur when a group or a person interferes with another person’s efforts. This can be solved by listening to everyone’s ideas in the group and deciding as a group what idea you feel would work best to have the best outcome for your work and business. (Adapted from,, 2014) Intragroup Conflict: This is when there is conflict between two or more members that are belonging to the same group or team. There has been a huge increase in team work over the years in different businesses and organisations which has had an impact on conflict in the work place due to different goals and opinions in the group. Intergroup Conflict: This is when there is conflict between two groups or two teams. The manager will have a huge impact on ensuring that conflict between the two groups is…show more content…
Managerial expectations can be a big factor for conflict in the work place. It is up to the management teams to explain and stress what is expected of their staff and results of their work. Management can be strict in some workplaces which can have a negative effect on staff members and this can have an effect on their quality of work. It is important to have a good relationship with staff members but also play the role as a manager. If communication is bad between staff members or different departments, it can cause conflict. If one department requires information from another department in order to do its job, and the second department does not respond to the request for information, conflict can arise. If people are late in responding to the other department’s requests, or they are withholding information, it is best to address these problems and situations immediately with a meeting with both sides to resolve this

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