Interpersonal Conflict: The Consequences Of Conflict In The Workplace

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People face conflicts in everyday life at a personal, group and society level. Conflict in the workplace is usual phenomenon which constitutes a crucial matter for organizations because it may cause negative consequences. However, conflict in terms of communication between people can be a powerful tool which unites people, leads them to find solutions and benefits the organization but it is rarely used in this way. There are many definitions of organizational conflict. Conflict is a process in which two persons or groups realize that their interests are not the same with the others or realize that they might be negatively affected by the other person or team (Mukherjee, 2009, p.239). Conflict can be created due to incompatible goals or which methods to use in order to achieve the goals. Conflict is a behaviour which has a purpose to hinder the achievement of a person’s goals (Mullins, 2005, p.96). Moreover, conflict disintegrates the normal and expected states of steadiness and harmony in an organization (Martin, 2005, p.746). In organizations there are types of conflict which may arise such as the intrapersonal, interpersonal,…show more content…
In this case, a person is engaged in more than one activity which is irreconcilable. Interpersonal conflict is created between two or more people who interact because of differences such as goals, values and styles rather than corporation’s goals. This type can have a highly negative impact and could be difficult to manage. Intragroup conflict occurs among a group of employees who have different views about goals or work processes. If managers do not face this type of conflict sufficiently, there will be devastating effects on productiveness and team coherence. Intergroup conflict refers to groups or departments inside and outside an organization that mainly disagree about allocation of resources, accessibility to information and procedures in relation to the
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