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As a student nurse and pharmacy technician, I have interacted with many populations. These experiences has allowed me to sharpen my interpersonal skills. From working with patients at Howard Hospital and Providence to working with the residents of Northeast D.C., I can contribute knowledge and experience of the people that inhabit the D.C. community.This will allow me to make contributions when exploring the topic of mind, body and medicine like I could have done when my father was displaying symptoms of stroke.

His right leg is numb, his vision is blurred, he is experiencing vertigo, he has been experiencing this for about one month. He does not know what is going on with his body so he brushes it off as a temporary inconvenience, “you will
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Without a nurse as a wife and a pre-health student as a daughter to recognize that he could possibly be exhibiting signs of a stroke or diabetes, as a man that hates hospitals he would have carried on with life brushing off what his body was trying to tell him and faced more severe consequences. Similarly, my cousin in Cameroon gave birth to a beautiful boy named Aloysius about two years ago. At around 8 months, he exhibited signs of extreme malnourishment because all she was feeding him was crackers. She had stopped breastfeeding early, thinking it was an archaic practice. Without my mom using her nursing background to educate her on how to properly care for a newborn, Aloysius could have died. These are some of the issues faced in underserved communities, specifically in my home country Cameroon. It is disheartening thinking of the many lives that could have been saved had people been educated about various health issues. As an aspiring medical doctor my goal is not only to provide better access to healthcare for the underserved communities of Cameroon and other places around the world but I also aim to target issues of awareness and sustainability. I plan to set up small clinics that provide treatment for basic medical needs as well as educate the local citizens about things we deem so mundane like proper CPR technique, diabetes management, sexually transmitted diseases and
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