Interpersonal Relationships In The Outsiders In The Outsider By Albert Camus

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Analyze how the interpersonal relationship between Meursault, his mother, Marie and the judge was used to explore the theme “outsider” in the novel “The Outsider.”
In the novel “the outsider” written by Albert Camus the main character Meursault explores the theme “the outsider” and the impacts that it has on society has on Meurault. Shown to the audience through Meursault’s interpersonal relationships with his mother’s friends, his girlfriend Marie and the judge who represents the court of justice.
Meursault’s interpersonal relationship with his mother’s friends causes him to be accepted in by society meaning that he will no longer be treated like an outsider. He meets his mother 's friends after his mother 's death. From the way he describes his mother 's friends as having "a nest of wrinkles...their lips sucked in because they had no teeth..(pg. 9)" we get the impression that his mother 's friends are old and that Meursault being young so we see a big gap in there age difference. Then the seating arrangement of the wake has Meursault by himself facing his mother’s friends on the other side of his mother’s coffin. In this setting we see how the author, is suggesting that Meursault and his mother 's friends are confronting each other over his mother and the gap is at the moment bridged by his mother. Meursault stats that "It was just then I realized they were opposing me.... I had the ridiculous feeling they were here to judge me.(pg. 9)" From this quote we start to
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