Reward Theory Of Interpersonal Attraction

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We like to affiliate with others people instead of always staying alone. When affiliating with someone our pleasure increases or our discomfort decreases. Baumeister and Leary (1995) argue that the “need to belong” is a basic human motivation to form and keep a minimum amount of relatively long lasting and pleasant interpersonal relationships. There are several billion of people in world. Why are some of them become our friend or even closer relationship, but so do not. It is something related to interpersonal attraction.

Reward theory of attraction which was summarized by a social psychologist Elliot Aronson in 2004, saying that attraction is actually a form of social learning. The theory tells that we would more likely to be close to someone
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Our relationship soon become very close just after the first time we meet. I always wondering why our relationship could growth so fast. But then I found that the reward theory can explain all of…show more content…
Jeff is quite a good looking man with on trend fashion sense. If he is not such a handsome and tidy man, I think I probably do not want to actively involve in their conversation. We first met in a BBQ gathering, this is the first time for both of us recognizing each other. Everyone join the gathering are in the same concentration study, so we all have plenty of common topics to talk about. But we start chatting because of the brand of our wallet which is the same. During the conversation, we found that we actually shares lots of similarity. Both of us like telling bad joke. We can easily make each other laugh loudly while other rarely get the point. Moreover, we share lots of common favorite fashion brand, our taste in fashion is close. There are so many similar characteristic between. The most special one is that we both enjoy cooking very much. I have never heard of a boy that love cooking by themselves so much. At first I though he is just exaggerate, however, at once he invite me to his home and cooking a dinner by himself. we started to share cooking tips of discuss things related to that very often. And the way he cook, with a very concentrated look, increase his physical attractiveness in a very large amount. Other than having the same concentration study, we live near. After the BBQ gathering or sometimes after school we will take the same bus and go back home together. The nearness we share
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