Interpersonal Roles In Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. is an IT company famous for selling gadgets such as iPhone and iPod. In addition, they also introduce the very first personal computer to the world. On the 1 April 1976, Steve Jobs formed this company together with Steve Wozniak. Wozniak was an engineer and have the knowledge to build these gadgets. Meanwhile, Jobs was the mastermind behind Apple Inc. as he was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a top manager of Apple Inc. He has to make wide decisions to accomplish his goals, “Computer for the Rest of Us” by establishing them and executing them. That is why, as a manager according to the Mintzberg, plays many roles which include interpersonal, informational and decisional roles. For interpersonal role, we know very well Steve Jobs…show more content…
The impacts of changes in these environments include effect on jobs and employment rates. Based on the book Management, “Changes in the external environment not only affect the jobs that are available, but also how these jobs are created and managed”. Many jobs are completely eliminated and with growing industries emerging, more new jobs are created. In addition, the traditional organisations gradually change into new contemporary organization, where organization is the deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish specific goals. The system in corporate organisation is very flexible and dynamic and no longer as rule oriented as during early 19th century. Furthermore, as Apple Inc. is a technology and a modern organisation, it is important that managers use contingency approach to lead the company. Steve Jobs have used many different modern ways to manage his company. Instead of the usual team of managers, the small project teams are led by mostly engineers whom Jobs think it is important to run a technology company. The employees are given the freedom to use and fix the problems found in the products instead having to get approval from the top. Besides having to set the right target to market their products, it is also vital that a company choose the right employees to work for them. Apple Inc. employs not only skilled engineers, but also applicants who are passionate about Apple products. The love for one particular product brand drives the employees to work extra harder to improve the products. Business Insider also stated that “Apple keeps winning because it’s a giant start-up”. Apple Inc. still continues the corporate culture of its start-up days which makes the company still so successful these days despite changing other management

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