Interpersonal Skills Essay

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Written Assignment – Unit 6 - Interpersonal Skills
Interpersonal skills are vital in almost anything we do in life. In business, interpersonal skills can make or break your career prospects. Let’s examine the definition and business use of a number of interpersonal skills and provide a web site that offers this definition and instruction on how to develop that skill:
Listening - Definition of the skill: The skill of taking correctly and understanding messages while communicating with someone else.
An example: Your manager invites you for a 1 on 1 conversation and asks you to carry out a certain task. Without the skill of listening you will not be able to understand his/her instructions and as a result you will fail the task.
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An example: There is vacancy on your team and you are required to interview a number of potential candidates. Coaching - Definition of the skill: The ability to help others to progress their skills to achieve more in the present.
An example: A new teammate has joined your team and judging from the KPIs he is not performing very well. You want to help this teammate to improve their performance and therefore you schedule a coaching session with them. Despite the fact that the skills reviewed here can be used in every walk of life, from the given examples we can clearly see why they are so vital in business environment. No doubt that they can also be used in school and social settings however, in business they can actually be converted to money if by way of promotion or closing a deal for
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