Important Interpersonal Skills

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I chose communication and team player as these are the most important interpersonal skills that lead to a successful game in any team game. Nowadays people understand that good interpersonal skills play a crucial role in success not only in sport but any business as well. Team player because you learn to go beyond your zone, and to see a bigger picture of the situation and take a leading role when needed. Communication as you learn to negotiate, persuade, keep an interest in talking and playing in the team with other teammates.

2. Have you chosen your performance skills? Here is what we have done so far; chest passing, ball handling, 3 on 3 games, zone defense, dominant hand lay-ups, and the set shot.
What were the learning outcomes? In other words, what are the key points of the skills that you were learning today? You could comment on how important it is to learn the key points of a skill.

During the classes we learned key points including a chest pass, a bounce pass and an overhead pass. I liked all of them and tried to use all of them in my game. I understood that chest pass means starting to throw the ball from your chest with a step toward your team player. While making a step you need to throw the ball to your teammate and while doing that you need to extend your arms from your chest so that you flick
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Consider and then write about why rules are important (for any game).
One of the most important things in any sports including basketball is to follow the rules. A game without rules would be chaotic, similar to war where players would be fighting to score a goal. No referees would be able to keep order on the court. Rules set agreements which define what is allowed or not allowed on and off the playing court. They define proper uniforms, how to keep score etc. They keep players safe in dangerous situations against possible injures.
4. How do you feel so far? Think about whether or not you feel that you are making progress and say why, or why

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