The Importance Of Good Listening Skills

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Firstly, interpersonal skills can be defined as the skills we use to communicate and interact with others. The interpersonal skills I have include; listening, persuasion and feedback. Lets start by looking at the definition of listening. Listening can be defined as the way we receive and interpret messages accurately during a communication. However, listening is an important factor in communicating effectively because if one does not have a good listening skills, it can lead to messages being misunderstood. In our personal life, having a good listening skill can improve our self esteem and confidence, improve our school grades and in academic work. It can as well help us to increase our social network and even better health and general well being. Furthermore,…show more content…
Consequently, to be an effective listener it is important to observe the body language of the person you are communicating with and also to notice if there is any inconsistences between verbal and non verbal messages during your communication with someone. For example if I tell you that I have a happy life where as my eyes are filled with tears, then a good listener is suppose to understand that my verbal and non verbal messages are conflicting each other. Some of the effective principles of listening include: a good listener should stop talking when someone else is talking and should clarify herself where she has doubts in order to be sure she has accurately receives the message. A good listener should prepare herself to listen so as to avoid distraction. Furthermore, a good listener should help the speaker to speak freely without tension by nudging or using other gestures or words to encourage the speaker to speak. A good listener should focus on what is being said and should listen not just for the words but also
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