Interpersonal Skills In Health Care Essay

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Interpersonal skills in the healthcare industry are very important because it leaves a first impression of who you are. Interpersonal skills are those essential skills involved in dealing with and relating to other people, largely on a one- to-one basis and Interpersonal skills are important tools and the medical profession should aim to acquire and develop them (Libyan, 2007). It is also important to note is your appearance and your attitude is good for building of trust between health workers professionals and their clients. Interpersonal skills are applied in the healthcare environment on a daily basis. Some good qualities of interpersonal skills in the health care profession are nonverbal communications, dealing with conflict, decision making and problem solving. Employers really value interpersonal skills in the healthcare setting because majority of the healthcare involves interaction with other patients. This is why it is important to have good interpersonal skills especially in the healthcare organization. Decision making is an essential interpersonal skill in health care because people interact with patients in organizational environments. Health care decision making is a process that includes definable steps in a…show more content…
Miscommunication in the healthcare setting can lead to sever life threatening situations that I have seen personally. Communication between clinicians and patients should be the number one focus point. This is how some of the best treatments and diagnosis are done through communication. If medical professional do not properly communicate with other clinicians it can lead to errors in diagnosis the patient. For example, if a patient comes in unresponsive and the person who is with them at the time knows little English and trying to explain what medicine the patient is allergic too and this is where the language barrier comes into to
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