Interpersonal Competence In Project Management

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According to Nelson (2013), for effectiveness in project management, particularly in communication, project managers must master interpersonal skills. This means a long and continuous process of personal growth and management development. This demonstrates that interpersonal competence is the result of accurate and realistic perception of interpersonal situations and specific behavioral skills leading to a significant impact on long-lasting and authentic relationship, satisfactory to the people involved. Another component of this competency refers to the relationship itself, and understands the emotional-affective dimension, predominantly. In the view of Narayanan and DeFillippi (2012), handle interpersonal situations requires sensitivity and perceptual and behavioral flexibility, which means trying to see different angles or aspects of the same situation and act differently, not routine, experimenting with new behaviors perceived as action alternatives.
There are the following interpersonal skills to the project manager:
• Commitment, responsibility, ethics and honesty;
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• To train the work team: provide acquisition of competence or training; establish and distribute activities. The director served as regional sponsor, the managers units marketing, planning and IT management as PEI. They were developed three training meetings and work in the external environment, involving representatives from all of business units. Another small team (executive committee) worked daily and detailed stages of the company, and consists of four IT users in different areas and three IT technicians. All components must have their respective work plans, individual and collective. The main roles are team sponsor, manager, customers or users (linked to the business) and performers (IT
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