Interpersonal Skills In The Workplace

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Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal skills are very important aspects of an individual when looking to become and be a successful manager. Within these skills is the ability to listen, be assertive, negotiate, give feedback, persuade others, interview properly, and give coaching. For this assignment I am going to give a definition of each of these interpersonal skills as well as an example of each within the workplace and I will list a website for the development of each of these skills in list form at the very end. The first of these skills that I will give a definition of is listening. Listening can be a very simple definition, but in the vein of the workplace it has much more meaning than just being able to hear and understand the sounds…show more content…
Feedback is giving praise to good work and condemning bad work that has been done. Feedback within management is what helps employees know where they are at in their performance. With regular and timely feedback, an employee will know when they are doing good work and when they know that they need to improve on the poor work that they have done. One skill that, in my opinion, takes some time to master is the art of persuasion. This skill can be defined as getting an individual or group to sway towards your line of thinking or ideas. Persuasion in business gets work done; a manager will persuade his or her employees to think a certain way or to see the business from his or her perspective. When an employee is persuaded, or as some companies call being “bought-in”, the business is much more likely to succeed and become more productive in everything that it…show more content…
Coaching comes in the form of training, but with a more developmental state of mind. Coaching is the ability to encourage growth both personally and professionally through motivation and asking the right questions. A great manager is one who coaches his employees well and within a business this is useful because a manager who can coach effectively will produce employees who are able to come up with solutions on their own and who feel that they are a part of the “whole” of a company. This is in addition to the fact that proper coaching improves the overall productivity of workers if employed

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