Interpersonal Task Overview: Three Role-Playing Scenarios

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Interpersonal Task Overview Task: You and your assigned partner will have a three to five minute conversation in which you adopt one of the three role-playing scenarios listed below. You will be responsible for creating your own questions and answers. Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 One student will assume the role of the poet and the other will be a journalist interviewing him or her about his or her work. One student will assume the role of the speaker of the poem or the poet (are they the same person?). The other student will portray a person representing the particular challenges, forces or institutions the speaker is facing. One student will assume the role of speaker of the poem. The other student will portray the speaker’s contemporary here in Washington D.C.. For example: If the speaker is a young mother of three in Guatemala, the student will assume the role of a young mother of three in D.C.. 1st Step: Decide which role-playing scenario you would like to do. Decide who is who. 2nd Step: Write a series (two to three) of questions that correspond to the categories below: Biographical Information Context Challenges Hopes & Aspirations…show more content…
You should ask direct questions about the identity, work, nationality and, if relevant, ethnicity of the person being interviewed. These questions should explore any relevant historical, political, or cultural information. The conversation should uncover any particular challenges facing either of the two people conversing. Any ways in which the people have overcome these challenges should be addressed as well. The conversation should also delve into the biggest influences on the lives of the two people talking. Finally, you will end your conversation by discussing what future hopes and aspirations each person has. The questions should be tied to the challenges previously
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