Interpersonal Theory Of Suicide Essay

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C. Interpersonal-Psychological
According to the interpersonal-psychological theory by Ribeiro , J. D. & Joiner, T. E. et al. (2009) (p.1292) there are two factors that might affect people in attempting to commit suicide. Those are, when people perceived burdensomeness from their environment as they start to have a misperception that their existence just becoming the burden of others and the feelings of thwarted belongingness or feels like they are alienated from the society. The attempt is not instantly happened, but through a long process from someone’s conditions that create an ideations as a wish to die until they have a desire to kill their selves. Joiner, described those process in the “Causal Pathway to Lethal Suicidal Behavior” as what
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2 Assumptions of the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide

The relatively small area of overlap in the Venn diagram representing the small minority of individuals who possess both desire and capability for suicide. That is what happened in Veronika’s case. Even she only perceive the feeling of thwarted belongingness, but her desire for committing suicide were high and she has the capability for it.
Interpersonal factors are related with the relation between one’s and their society, however the reflection of those feelings are actually affected someone’s mindset, and therefore becoming their internal problems. The internal problems on the main character of Paulo Coelho’s, Veronika Decides to Die (2005) analyzed based from the interpersonal-psychological theory by Ribeiro , J. D. & Joiner, T. E. et al. (2009) are as follow:
Interpersonal States Typical The Connection With Veronica’s Character
Perceived Burdensomeness Refers to the potentially dangerous misperception that the self is so incompetent that one’s existence is a burden on friends, family members, and/or society. The feeling of being a burden on others may lead to the potentially dangerous belief that one’s death is worth more than one’s life This factor is not

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