Interpersonal Therapy Model Summary

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1.Provide one key point about the model you learned watching the film and through your readings and class lectures. Tell why it is helpful/meaningful to you in considering your practice and application of this model. One key point I learned while watching the video is Paul’s use of clarity. Throughout the sessions, Paul was straight forward and persistent in staying on course and not allowing April to sway him from the focus. Paul utilized reflective listening to clarify understanding and to convey the understanding to April; therefore, removing all assumptions of what she may have been communicating. The use of clarification will be helpful in my own practice and application of the model by highlighting contradictions and bringing attention to what she may not be aware is apparent; therefore, asking the client to repeat what she is saying ensures clear communication. 2. Identify one aspect of the worker’s style or his application of the model that you found useful and explain why. The therapeutic relationship was useful in the application of the Interpersonal Therapy model. In the therapeutic relationship, Paul allowed April to raise her interpersonal dislikes about the previous therapist. The therapeutic relationship also allowed April to openly and…show more content…
I have gained a tremendous amount of insight and development as a social work therapist. In summary, the therapy draws on a range of techniques that is useful by focusing and resolving the problems linked to the interpersonal problems; as well as, applying the therapeutic techniques to support the strategies of identifying the interpersonal focus. The clarification technique helps to explore interpersonal assumptions of what the client is communicating to ensure what the client is speaking is clear-cut. The IPT and techniques allow the client to explore their feelings while the therapist assists the client in exploring options in ways out of their
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