Interpretation In Daniel Tallent's My Absolute Darling

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Daniel Tallent’s My Absolute Darling follows the story of a young girl, Turtle, as she struggles to survive in her somewhat isolated life with her abusive father. Specifically, throughout the novel, Turtle battles not only with her father’s view of her and their world, but also with how she views herself. In this passage in particular, Turtle has run away, enabling herself to think perhaps more clearly about her life. While this passage seems to discuss how far one’s control over another reaches, and the effects of that, through Turtles inner dialogue during her time away from her house, Tallent actually communicates that distance allows one to gain a new perspective and perhaps grant them the power to make changes. Tallent communicates the importance of separating oneself from a situation through Turtles inner dialogue throughout this passage. During Turtle’s first interactions with the boys, Tallent repeatedly writes, “she thinks” (83-85). Through the repetition of this phrase, Tallent communicates the importance of inner dialogue in the process of reflection and seeing a situation clearly. Furthermore, the continuous insertion of that phrase indicates that distance also grants Turtle to think for herself. Her decision to run away from home, the coincidence of running into the boys, and her ultimate decision to help them, have all lead her to see her life in a new way. Tallent shows that by leaving her house, and the pressures that it, and by extension her father, place

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